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Allison Powell

9-5 gig: Mom of three sweet munchkins and small business owner


Cats or Dogs: Dogs


Go to party dance move: The moonwalk


Favorite Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip


Travel bucket list: Greece, Botswana and Banff Canada


Words you live by: Make sure to enjoy the little things


Allison Powell received her BFA in contemporary dance from Radford University in 2006. As an undergraduate with honors, Allison honed her skills across several dance disciplines and a wide range of techniques, choreographing and performing in various pieces for the University, including work presented at ACDF in West Virginia. She oversaw the university's dance department student organization, Harmony in Motion, serving as President while also overseeing department operations under the chair Margaret Devaney. Allison danced for d a n a h b e l l a DanceWorks for three seasons at Radford and for three additional seasons after graduating and moving to Baltimore, Maryland, where she worked alongside Carol Bartlett at the Peabody Preparatory Dance Department. Allison has taught young students of Baltimore's influential Morton Street Dance Center along with other various Maryland programs.  Currently, she has been dancing and choreographing with Full Circle Dance Company in Baltimore, MD since the spring of 2006.  

Dancer & Marketing Director

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