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Full Circle Dance Company's
2021 Season

Baltimore’s Full Circle Dance Company is well-known for combining passion and virtuosity to tell stories that matter. On November 13 and 14, Full Circle will presented BRAVE: art in times of crisis at Baltimore Theatre Project. Deeply moved by real-world examples of courage and resilience, Full Circle’s multi-racial and multi-age ensemble of artists has created a performance aimed at both the mind and soul.  


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On Demand

Full Circle Dance Company Presents

BRAVE: art in times of crisis

BRAVE: art in times of crisis is available to be watched between

Monday Dec 6th - Monday Dec 20th.

***This Performance has passed. To look at what we have coming up please CLICK HERE


BRAVE uses movement, music, and words to explore issues that matter right now in Baltimore and beyond -- the role of protest in democracy, the challenge of the pandemic to individuals and communities, the history behind persistent inequality, and the courage of citizens who stand up against injustice.

The BRAVE project is supported by a Creativity Grant from the Maryland State Arts Council and is presented with the generous support of the Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute. 

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“We dance about life! We hope this performance, inspired by the courage we’ve witnessed in Baltimore and the world, will shake up old ideas, make space for new ones, and leave our audience thinking long after the show.”

—Artistic Director Donna L. Jacobs


For our full performance archive CLICK HERE

For Keepsakes_ Love, Jim Crow
Full Circle Dance Company Presents Refuge: Needing, Seeking, Finding
REFUGE: Needing, Seeking, Finding
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