Meet Donna

Choreographer/Artistic Director

*Walled Off: Full Circle Artistic Director Donna L. Jacobs presents a new work inspired by the dehumanizing rhetoric surrounding immigration and refugees in today’s America. This work highlights the power of dance to help us see complex problems in a new light.

"As a mother, as a citizen, and as a person, I am deeply disturbed by the images and news that have come from our southern border over the past year. Words that demonize and dehumanize people lead to inhumane actions. The piece I am working on strives to remind people of our common humanity." 

Stay Tuned...Video Interview Coming Soon!


"Dance can help us see challenging issues through a new lens, helping us understand each other in ways we never imagined. And for many of us, dance itself is a refuge, refreshing and renewing our spirits so we can make a positive difference in our complicated world."