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Jennifer Seye

9-5 gig: Howard County Public Schools Dance Department Director


Favorite Food: Watermelon


Pizza or Tacos: Tacos 


Coffee or Tea: Coffee


Sneakers or Heels: Heels


Favorite Ice Cream:  Vanilla


Travel bucket list: Australia


Jennifer graduated cum laude from Towson University with a B.F.A. in Dance Performance and Dance Education. She has danced with The Collective, Stephanie Powell Dance Ensemble, VT Dance, and Scott Rink, and performed works by David Parsons, Peter Puccii, Troy Powell, Dan Wagoner, David Parker and the Bang Group, Misnomer Dance Theater, and ClancyWorks. Jennifer choreographed and performed as a soloist in the Dance for the Camera film "Yesmyth" by Phil Sibly which won a Telly Award in 2004. Her choreography was also showcased in ?True Colors: The 80?s Musical? at the 2007 Columbia Festival of the Arts and Richmond University in Yes! Dance Virginia. Jennifer received her M.A. in Dance at California State University Long Beach in July 2011. 

Choreographer &

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