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Meet Misty


*Comic Interlude: Misty Yackshaw finds refuge in clothing, which can both conceal us from the world and facilitate true expression. Believing we all need a fun break from the heavy side of life, her work celebrates humor as refuge from the woes of the world. 

"When I think of refuge, I think of stepping out of the chaos and taking a break. I think of being in a space, even if only briefly, where nothing stressful can happen. ‘Comic Interlude’ is my version of that. It's a few minutes of levity for anyone who needs it."


"There are some small, mundane sources of refuge that add up to make a huge difference in our lives, like the freedom of personal expression. When we are free to present ourselves to the world in whatever way we choose, that can be comforting and empowering. ‘Comic Interlude’ references how an outfit can transform and amplify a person’s spirit."

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