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Morgan James

9-5 gig : 3rd grade Teacher 

Cats or dogs: dogs 

Favorite dance movie: Step up 2 the streets or You Got Served 

Favorite Ice Cream: Cookies and Cream

Words you live by: “Be Bold. Be Brilliant.” -Morgan James 

Secret Talent: I play the Bass Guitar 

Heroes: My parents 


Morgan James discovered her love for dance at six years old at Morton Street Dance Center (MSDC) in Baltimore, Maryland. It was here that she studied a multitude of styles including ballet, modern, and jazz technique, for over twelve years under the leadership of Donna L. Jacobs, founder and artistic director of MSDC. In addition to MSDC, she has also trained at many other programs such as Deeply Rooted Dance Theater in Chicago and the Bates Dance Festival in Maine. Morgan began exploring her own choreographic creativity in high school at George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology in 2012. Since then, her choreography has graced many stages, films, and competitions. Morgan earned her B.S. of Elementary Education at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland where she led the Foxxy Dancers of the Magnificent Marching Machine from 2016-2019. Although she was a dancer first, teaching is her second love. Morgan has been teaching dance of various styles for 8 years at many studios and programs including MSDC, Byers Dance Academy, The Campbell Dance Experience, P.A.V.E. Dance school, Towson University Gymnastics and many others. In 2020, Morgan Began her own dance company, BRIO Dance Arts, which hosts dance classes and creates dance films throughout the year. Currently, Morgan serves the Baltimore community as an elementary school teacher, a dance teacher, the artistic director of BRIO Dance Arts, and one of the newest members of Full Circle Dance Company. 


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