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BRAVE: Art in Times of Crisis

Baltimore’s Full Circle Dance Company is well-known for combining passion and virtuosity to tell stories that matter. On November 13 and 14, Full Circle will present BRAVE: art in times of crisis at Baltimore Theatre Project. Deeply moved by real-world examples of courage and resilience, Full Circle’s multi-racial and multi-age ensemble of artists has created a performance aimed at both the mind and soul.

BRAVE uses movement, music, and words to explore issues that matter right now in Baltimore and beyond⸺the role of protest in democracy, the challenge of the pandemic to individuals and communities, the history behind persistent inequality, and the courage of citizens who stand up against injustice.

Some of the works in this show engage directly with the world around us, exploring experiences of bravery that are both personal and universal. Ancestors who stood for civil rights and broke new paths for women fill the stage. Ideas and body language inspired by very young protesters from the 1960s through 2021 energize the choreography. Visions of emergence from dark times reflect the resilience and potential for healing within and across our diverse communities. Throughout, BRAVE honors the qualities that underlie courage—honesty, fortitude, conviction, integrity, and compassion.

Performance Details

Full Circle Dance Company Presents Baltimore Theatre Project
BRAVE: Art in Times of Crisis 45 W. Preston St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Saturday, November 13 at 7:30 pm Tickets: $22 general, $15 students
Sunday, November 14 at 2:30 pm Purchase Tickets HERE

“We dance about life! We hope this performance, inspired by the courage we’ve witnessed in Baltimore and the world, will shake up old ideas, make space for new ones, and leave our audience thinking long after the show.”

Artistic Director Donna L. Jacobs

This project is supported by a Creativity Grant from the Maryland State Arts Council.

BRAVE is presented in partnership with the Urban Health Institute of Johns Hopkins University.

For 21 years, Full Circle Dance Company has provided an artistic home where choreographers can develop their vision and craft and where dancers have opportunities to perform varied, vital, relevant work. An essential, grassroots part of Baltimore's creative landscape, Full Circle Dance Company needs your help to continue to bring its artistic vision to the public. Please give today to support BRAVE and your local dance artists.


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