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Full Circle Dance Company Fall 2023 Season

It's our 23rd year creating dance that matters in Baltimore, and we are thrilled to announce a new project full of energy and ideas: "And Still, We Dream." Featuring a free workshop, exciting collaborations, and multiple performances layered with virtuosity, beauty, and wit, "And Still, We Dream" offers opportunities for everyone to engage body, mind, and soul with the art of dance.

Our headline event for the season is the original show "And Still, We Dream," to be performed November 18 at 7:30 pm and November 19 at 2:30 pm at Baltimore Theatre Project. This carefully curated evening of music, movement, and words explores ideas and experiences related to dreams—from concealed fantasies to aspirations for a better world, from insomnia to daydreams to the surreal wonder of the dream state. Presenting the intimate, diverse visions of multiple choreographers, "And Still, We Dream" illuminates ancient human concerns that still preoccupy us today.

A centerpiece of the show will be a new work inspired by dream references in the poetry of Lucille Clifton, the acclaimed writer, educator, and Maryland Poet Laureate who lived, worked, and raised her family in Baltimore. Choreographed by Full Circle Artistic Director Donna L. Jacobs and created with the support of The Clifton House, this new work will highlight a Baltimore literary treasure.

The show includes:

This Dream Of Me: Donna L. Jacobs's nuanced work inspired by two poems by Lucille Clifton that use the word "dream."

Daydreams: Physician/choreographer Misty Yackshaw’s witty, surprise-filled take on the inner lives of people who share an office.

En.tranced: Ohio-based choreographer Travis Gatling’s evocative, sweeping new work inspired by the liminal space of dreams, commissioned in partnership with Ballet Theatre of Maryland.

Veil Across the Stars: Noted local choreographer Hope B. Byers’s layered, energetic work inspired by poetry of Langston Hughes and centered on dreams of the oppressed.

As I Surrender: Jennifer Seye’s lush, dramatic choreography, set to a cappella voices, about the moments before the surrender to sleep.

Restless: Shaela Davis’s relatable work about the body’s refusal to cooperate when we most desperately need slumber.

●Solo works by local choreographers Alicia Williams and Allison Powell.

Photos: Brion McCarthy Photography

Showtimes: November 18 @ 7:30pm November 19 @ 2:30pm

Tickets: General Admission: $22 Students/Artists/Seniors: $18

Please click HERE to purchase tickets


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