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Full Circle Dance Company Presents

HOME: Longing & Belonging

Saturday, November 19, 2022 | 7:30 pm

Baltimore Theatre Project

*This performance is supported in part by the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation, the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts on behalf of the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, a Communities Thrive Grant from the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts, a Creativity Grant from the Maryland State Arts Council, and a Mark Ryder Original Choreography Grant from the Howard County Arts Council through the Community Foundation of Howard County.


Choreography: Elizabeth Quinones

Music: Abel Korzeniowski

Dancers: Elizabeth Hafey, Kakuti Davis Lin, Morgan James, Mindy Rawlinson, Nicole Tucker-Smith, Marina Wright, Misty Yackshaw 


*This work reflects on the experience of migration, including feelings related to loss of home and seeking belonging in a new place. 

Inner Rites

Choreography: Travis D. Gatling

Music: Mickey Hart

Saturday soloist: Allison Powell

Sunday soloist: Charise Byers

Dancers: Teresa Hinton, Morgan James, Ni'Kera Perkins, Amanda Rosenbaum, Jennifer Seye, Misty Yackshaw

*Inner Rites pays homage to the humble acts of domestic caretaking that bind together members of a family or household. 


Choreographer: Jennifer Seye

Music: Eric Whitacre & Eric Whitacre Singers

Dancers: Shaela Davis, Kakuti Davis Lin, Nicole Tucker-Smith, Marina Wright

*This work considers how changing laws and norms related to marriage affect who we are allowed to make a home with.

Women Surrounding (Guest Performance)

Choreography: Morgan James

Original Poem: Queen by Morgan James

Music: Major L. Beats, Buddy Guy

Performed by repertory students of the Morton Street Dance Center:

Logan Beale, Leah Daniels, Jewel Pike, Zari Wheeler-Oluwagbenga, Amier La’Nyh Wilson 

*Women Surrounding tells the story of an audacious young woman and her trying, yet loving relationship with the village of women who raised her.


Choreography: Donna L. Jacobs

Music: Patrick O'Hearn

Text: Excerpts from New York Times and Washington Post news coverage of the housing crisis, read by Donna L. Jacobs and Algernon Campbell 

Costume Design: Jasmin Nessa Ali

Dancers: Hope B. Byers, Shaela Davis, Elizabeth Hafey, Xavier Paisley, Liz Pelton, Ni’Kera Perkins, Allison Powell, Amanda Rosenbaum

*This work illuminates the housing precariousness of many Americans, shining a light on how easy it is to end up unhoused and how hard it is for people on the margins to be seen. 


The Hill

Choreography: Misty Yackshaw

Original poem "Here to Stay" written and performed by Gayle Danley

Costume Design: Misty Yackshaw

Dancers: Hope B. Byers, Elizabeth Hafey, Donna L. Jacobs, Kakuti Davis Lin, Liz Pelton, Amanda Rosenbaum, Jennifer Seye, Nicole Tucker-Smith, Misty Yackshaw

*This work explores the challenges of feeling at home with ourselves as we age and celebrates the power, knowledge, and creativity of older women. This piece is supported by Howard County Arts Council through the Community Foundation of Howard County.

We Stand for Those Who Stood

Choreography: Travis D. Gatling

Music: Martin Luther King, Jr., Prophetic Last Speech - 1968

Bernice Johnson Reagon, Sweet Honey in the Rock, I'm Gon' Stand! 

Dancers:  Hope B. Byers, Shaela Davis, Elizabeth Hafey, Morgan James, Nicole Tucker-Smith, Alicia Williams

*This work captures the courage of social justice protesters—in Baltimore and around the world, past and present. 

Space Between 

Guest Choreographer: Heather Perrow

Music: Shallows by Daughter

Dancers:  Allison Powell, Amanda Rosenbaum, Misty Yackshaw

*This deeply personal work portrays the moments between a message of profound loss and the realization of what it means.  

When the Village Returns to the Yard 
The HBCU Experience

Choreography: Hope B. Byers

Music: LuKremBo, MaverickMyers Radio, Speshulyst Beats, Infraction

Sound Editing: Seth Byers

Costume Design: Hope B. Byers

Costume Tailors: Patricia Long, Aaron Lewis

Dancers: Charise Byers, Hope B. Byers, Shaela Davis, Teresa Hinton, Morgan James, Ni'Kera Perkins, Jennifer Seye, Nicole Tucker-Smith

*Centered on the homecoming tradition of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, this work honors the annual event that brings alumni home to share in a celebration like no other.


Artistic Director: Donna L. Jacobs

Associate Artistic Director and Grant Writer: Liz Pelton

Sign language interpretation throughout the performance: Frances James

Program and Website Design: Allison Powell

Production Manager: Heather Mork

Photography: Brion McCarthy 

Videography: ShootHer Productions


Special thanks to:

Chris Pfingsten and the staff of Baltimore Theatre Project

Morton Street Dance Center, Inc.


Full Circle Board of Directors:

Donna Basik

Elizabeth Hafey

Deborah Hull

Donna L. Jacobs

Sheri Parks

Liz Pelton

Brian Sims

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