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Full Circle heads to West Virginia

Full Circle was on the road in June for the first time since the start of the pandemic. We brought three works by choreographer Travis Gatling to the Mountain Moves West Virginia Performance Project, part of Charleston's annual interdisciplinary arts fest called Festive-All. It was a joy to share a gorgeous stage with our new friends the Bone and Fiddle Arts Collective, Heather Looney and Rob Royce, and the fabulous band Minor Swing. When we were not dancing, we were sharing food at Danny's BBQ stand, where former Charleston mayor Danny Jones served up his homemade croutons and famous barbecue sandwiches and recounted his own ballet stage debut. Breakfasts at Starling's Cafe impressed us with super friendly and fast service and truly amazing bagel sandwiches. Warmup class with local artists at the Academy of Arts at January's prepared our bodies and spirits for the show. We loved the mountain views on the drive from Baltimore, getting to know a new city, and collaborating with committed artists from West Virginia and beyond. Nothing like a road trip to remind us why we love what we do.

From left to right: Ni'Kera Perkins, Hope B. Byers, Liz Pelton, Nicole Tucker-Smith, Marina Wright, Allison Powell, Morgan James

From left to right: Downtown Charleston artwork, Mountain Moves poster, and Danny Jones, owner of Danny's BBQ and former mayor of Charleston, WV.

From left to right: Behind the scenes as dancers prepare for their performance, digital billboard promoting the performance, FCDC member Kakuti Davis Lin during tech rehearsal.

FCDC dancers warmed-up and ready for the top of the show.

Full Circle Dancer Kakuti



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