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Baltimore’s Young Dancers to Shine at Governor-Elect Wes Moore’s Inaugural Ball

Ten young dancers who train at Baltimore’s Morton Street Dance Center will perform a special dance on January 18 to celebrate the historic inauguration of Wes Moore as Governor of Maryland.

The dancers, ages 6 to 13, will share the stage with the Governor at The People’s Ball, which will also feature an exciting lineup of locally and globally recognized artists.

The dancers have been rehearsing for weeks and will wear dresses specially designed for the occasion to symbolize optimism and to celebrate hope.

“Being in the Inaugural Ball means so much to me,” says 11-year-old dancer Amelia M. “It gives me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I couldn’t get anywhere else.” Hallie D., also 11, agrees, saying, “I am so excited to perform with my friends at such an amazing event.”

Morton Street Dance Center Director Donna L. Jacobs, who choreographed the piece and has worked with the students to polish it, says: “It is so meaningful for our students to participate in this historic Inauguration. They will never forget this moment, from the access that they had to a first-of-a-kind Governor to the chance to grace the stage with so many luminaries. Representation matters and they are acutely aware that they are a part of history and that their developing talents are being recognized. The arts reflect who we are as a culture, and Maryland is demonstrating the best of it.”

Jacobs is confident the young dancers will shine with the world watching. “I think the authentic joy they find in expressiveness and creativity will radiate from the stage,” she says, “and the seriousness of their commitment to the art of dance will inspire the audience.”


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